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Visa Information

Are you looking for a new challenge and are you well qualified with experience in your field of expertise?  If you would like a lifestyle and a work change, Australia may be the place for you!

Visas: There are a number of visa categories available for entry to Australia. Therefore it is very important to choose the most appropriate visa to live and work in Australia.

The Skill Select online visa system requires applicants to first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection.  The information entered on the EOI will be used by the Department to rank candidates and issue invitations to those applicants identified as being able to support the current economic and employment needs of Australia.  If information provided by individuals on the EOI cannot be substantiated at the Time of Innovation (TOI), it may lead to visa refusal.

Skilled Migration Visas are visas for people who have a skilled occupation (qualifications and training), but do not have an employer in Australia to sponsor them.  There are a number of Skilled Migration Visas.  Each individual sub-class will have a number of specific eligibility factors that will need to be considered.  For example, some Skilled Visas require:

  • State Government sponsorship
  • A “points test” and lodgement of an Expression of Interest (EOI). Please note, lodging an EOI does not mean a visa application has been lodged. 

Basic requirements for Skilled Migration Visas: 

  • Be invited to lodge an application by interested  employer, State or Federal
  • 18- under 50 years at time of application
  • Qualifications – university or trade
  • Competent English language skills
  • Must nominate an occupation, which appears on the SOL  (Skilled Occupation List) and CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List).  Once applicants nominate an  occupation, they must have their skills assessed by a government appointed Australian Skills Assessing Authority to determine if the skills are appropriate.  See: 
  • Meet character and health requirements 
  • Meet the required points test minimum

These visa programs continue to change and adapt as the country’s economic needs change.


Fees: The National Visas & Australian government fees will depend on the type of visa you are eligible to apply for.


Employer Sponsored Visas:  Several visas are available for Australian employer’s who are able to prove through the labour market testing process that they are unable to fill a nominated skilled position/job with an Australian worker and therefore apply to sponsor a nominated, individual to work for them in the short term in a specified job.

(1) Temporary Skills Shortage Visas: On 18 April 2017, the Australian Federal Government announced the Temporary Skilled (subclass 457) visa will no longer operate.  Current subclass 457 visa holders will not be affected by these changes. 

In its place there will be two streams of Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas:

One is a two-year short-term stream.  There is no opportunity to then apply for permanent residency.

The second is the medium-term stream of up to four years, with the ability to apply for permanent residency after three years.

The new TSS visa programme will include a greater focus on English language proficiency, a minimum of two years skilled work experience and labour market testing to assess the potential for the identified position/job to successfully be filled with the local Australian labour/employment market. 

Click here for further details of the TSS 


(2) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Subclass 187: Regional-based employment, not in a capital city, the Gold Coast or Woolongong region. Age, skills and English language ability may be considered with the application.

(3) Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Subclass 186:  This is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers and is part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program.  It will allow you to work under one of 3 streams:

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream - for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for 2 years.
  • Direct Entry stream - 3 subcategories (details at
  • Agreement stream - sponsorship by an employer through a labour agreement.  Suitable for applicants who have an Australian job offer in a skilled occupation from a suitable Australian employer.

More information is available from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website –  Sections relating to the Employer Sponsored Migration (Permanent) and SkillSelect.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection revises the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and accompanying CSOL on a regular basis, so please check this section within the Department’s website to check that your occupation is currently listed.  Most occupations also require overseas qualifications and certificates to be reviewed in Australia by a designated professional, trade or occupation assessment authority.  The particular authority will be identified next to each occupation.


Working holiday Visa (subclass 417):  For people between the ages of 18-30 years from nominated, passport eligible countries. This provides a visa up to 12 months in length, where you can holiday, study for up to 4 months and also organize short-term casual or temporary employment for up to 6 months with  each employer during the stay.

You must be outside Australia when applying for this visa and also when it is approved.
Please check the working holiday visa - visa options section to confirm the specific arrangements nominated for your home country.

There are a number of other visas, which are available depending on personal circumstances, qualifications and experience.  It is important to check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website regarding the specific requirements for the particular visa you may be planning to apply for.

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