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It is strongly advised to have already applied for the appropriate visa (temporary or permanent) before applying for a job. 



Will the Immigration Department/local Australian Embassy help me with my visa application?No, the authorities are not able to help with the preparation of your application.  Their job is to issue visas and enforce the Immigration Laws of Australia.  They are not permitted to give advice to you on these matters.


How long does the visa application process take?
There are many different visa categories and each application is unique. Processing times can vary depending on the type of visa and the number of documents required.
For Employer Sponsored visa categories, this is a 2 step process. Firstly, the Australian employer must submit a sponsorship nomination for the specified position. The timeframe on this first step depends on how long the employer takes to lodge the relevant documents.
Once the nomination has been approved, DIAC will generally take 6-12 months for the individual visa application process.
If you decide to apply for a visa before you have found a job in Australia, it would be best to engage the help of a migration agent who can best advise you on your personal options.
For internships, you can apply for a Working holiday visa (maximum 12 months) at your nearest overseas Australian consulate/embassy.


Which type of visa should I apply for?
If you are a skilled professional or tradesperson whose training and experience have been identified by the Australian Government on the "Skilled Occupation List" (SOL), then you may be eligible for a permanent or temporary skilled migration visa. Please check the SOL pdf via the DIAC website -


Why should I use a Migration Agent?
It is not always necessary to use a Migration Agent.  Firstly, it is a good idea to find out which visa you would be best to apply for.  However, the Australian immigration system is very complex and the requirements change regularly.  Many problems are caused by incomplete information provided on the forms or a misunderstanding of the information required.  This often results in incorrect and incomplete applications being submitted.  This leads to lengthy delays or refusal of an application.  Using a registered Migration Agent will mean you can be guided through the process and that you will not encounter all these problems and delays.  It is important to know that using a Migration Agent will not influence the outcome of your application. Please ensure you only use a registered Migration Agent; ask about their fees before you start the application process with them. We can refer you to our preferred Migration Agent if required. In Australia, Migration Agents are required by law to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA,



What will be the cost of my visa?Costs for a visa are determined by a number of factors; the type of visa, family size and English language ability are the most common variables.  You should also be aware that as part of the application process you will need to pay for the costs of the required medical examinations and depending on your particular certificates, the cost of translating and having them verified for authenticity and verification.  Additional English language lessons may also be required.

The Immigration Department website lists the Department's administrative costs for each visa category.



Will a visa application be automatically granted if I am married to an Australian citizen?No, this does not mean that you are automatically granted a visa.  You need to be able to demonstrate to the Immigration authorities that your marriage is genuine and ongoing/continuing.  You will be required to provide a number of pieces of evidence for example, sharing of financial commitments, bank accounts, photographs, correspondence, travel arrangements and statements from family and friends.  An interview with the Department of Immigration (DIAC) will also be required. 



Do I need my trade recognised in Australia?
Generally most trades need to be formally recognised in Australia. More information can be obtained from TRA (Trade Recognition Australia)



What criteria is used for the health check?If you are applying for a permanent or some categories of temporary visa, the Immigration Department requires confirmation by an accredited Doctor that you do not have any medical conditions which may affect the Australian community.

The medical examination consists of a physical examination, a test for Tuberculosis if applicants are over 16 years of age, HIV or AIDS test, Hepatitis B, a hearing test and a test for sexually transmitted diseases.

The health certification is only valid for 12 months and any additional test must be completed within 3 months of each other. 



How long does the process take to have a visa granted?It is strongly advised to have already applied for the appropriate visa (temporary or permanent) before applying for a job. Each application has its own individual characteristics which will have an influence on the time the application takes.

On average, Permanent Residency visas take 9 to 12 months.  Visa class 457 (Skilled Professional) can take at least 6 to 12  months.  Temporary and Working Holiday visas may only take 2 months if all the documentation is correct and there is not an overload of applications already in the system. For internships you can apply for a Working Holiday visa (maximum 12 months) at your nearest Australian Embassy.



Does Australia have a social security system? Is it available to visa holders?
The social security system in Australia is very different to the European systems. For example, most pensions are now privately funded. this is a shared responsibility between the individual (employee) and their current employer. This is not the reponsibility of the State. Maternity Leave is available but generally it is without pay.



Am I entitled to the Australian health care system, "Medicare"?Only Australian citizens and holders of Permanent Residency visas are  permitted to use the Medicare system.  It is strongly recommended that you investigate joining one of the Private Health  Insurance Funds which operate in Australia.  Many Australians also pay to be members of a private fund as well as Medicare. so that they are able to claim for private hospitals, dental, physiotherapy, optical and many other additional medical expenses which Medicare does not cover.  Please check and



Can the Immigration authorities refuse a visa application?Yes, the authorities may delay or refuse a visa application.  This may be because of incomplete or incorrect information or accompanying documents. 

If the application is refused, you will be advised by the authorities of what is required to review your application or whether you are elgible for a review or resubmission of the application. 

In these circumstances, a Migration Agent can assess your documents and advise you whether there may be another opportunity to reapply.



How well do I have to speak English? Most visa categories require the applicant to prove their level of English. 

Unless English is your native language or you can provide documentation that you have a certified qualification obtained in English you will be required to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).  This is the world's leading test of English  and is used by many immigration, higher education and government authorities.  It is designed to assess skills in the areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing.  Further information can be obtained from 

The level of English required depends on the particular visa category you are applying for.  Please check for futher details. 


Do I need my certificates translated into English?
Yes, you will be required to have certified translations of your certificates.